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We undertake engineering・design which involves from examination of specification and design to design implementation. We correspond widely in the fields of frame design・mechanism design・packaging design・electrical machinery and appliances design. Please contact our experimental production design section for more information.

About the Engineering・Design

About the Engineering・Design

We offer value added high design technology in order to fulfill various needs of machinery design・electric design. The uniqueness of our design is that it is not limited to the genre of industry.

※ We also undertake design of drawings.

Example of Engineering・Design

Example of Engineering・Design

We are totally involved with design implementation of devices and the experimental equipments which are based from spare parts processing electricity, electronic to communication equipments & parts.

■Categories of industry design

Aeronautical parts、Electronic equipments、Construction parts、Construction of PC Systems、Parts for high energy power generators

■Result of design Field

Machinery Design、Metal Sheet Design、Frame Design、Automated Machinery Design、Electric Design、Packaging Design、Press Item Molding Design

Uniqueness of Engineering・Design

Uniqueness of Engineering・Design

Our corporation is stressed into 3 points of quality, delivery date and proposition power in order to accomplish the customers’ various vision.

Power of Proposition: Our technical team is always dedicated to customize the design according to the needs.

Our well experienced design team who has achieved various industrial projects is able to give out of the box method and propose the most optimum solution.

Efficient Delivery:Our correspondent factory is able to provide quick and efficient delivery on time.

We take high pride in our quick and on time correspondence and delivery due to our advanced prototype production which improves the efficiency of the correspondent factory production process.

※ Please take note that the standard delivery date is one month from the date of placing the order however the delivery may depend upon the requirements of the order as well.

High Quality:We maintain our high quality by continuously reviewing the feedback and improving the prototype.

We always keep our correspondent factory updated with our valued customers’ comments and opinions which gradually enable us to develop our production process.

Various tools which support the machinery design

Various tools which support the machinery design

Based on the long years of know-how and achievement from machinery design and design implementation, we are able to tackle the solution as low from the planning and preparation of 2D・3D data.

  • Solid Works(3D-CAD)

Undertaking of various data services

Undertaking of various data services

Below are the data services that our corporation undertakes:

  • Modeling involving Solid Works(3D-CAD)
  • Compilation of NC data
  • Conversion of existing 2D/3D plan
  • Compilation of inspection data by the 3D measurement equipment

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